Thursday, June 08, 2006

There are 91 families, 395 family members staying in the Our lady of Refugee in Jaffna, who were displaced from Allaipiddy due to the recent violence in their area.

The men are afraid to go to sea for fishing

At play in the welfare camp. Children from Allaipiddy do not attend school due to displacement

What He Said

What He Said
What could my mother be
to yours ? What kin is my father
to yours anyway ? And how
did you and I meet ever ?
But in love.
Our hearts have mingled
like red earth and pouring rain - Chempulapeyarinar
["poet of red earth and pouring rain"] Kuruntokai 40

The welfare camp is congested

There is no privacy say the women at the welfare camp

I pleaded with the people who killed my husband. I started to cry and asked them "Please do not shoot my husband, who has not done anything wrong". But they shot him and he died later,as there was no medical assistance provided immediately" says Gnanambikai Sangarapillai (68) from Allaipiddy, who is currently staying at the Our Lady of Refuge Church in Jaffna

Sivananthi Varnalingam (37) lost her father in law in the recent violence in Allaipiddy. Her husband owned a tea shop there.They have no income due to displacement. She has four children to take care

Lillymalar Anjan (54) was displaced for several times during war.And she hopes for permanent peace, but says it does not look like in the near future

Theresamma Swampillai (59) does not want to go back to her village due to tension.She used to make mats and earn income in Allaipiddy

The residents of Allaipiddy say that they are not safe in their village

The residents of Allaipiddy say that they are not safe in their village